Urine Sample

UTI and a sleepless night

The plan for this week was to concentrate on more leash training with Bramble, but we ended up with a trip to the vets on Monday instead!

We had been to Chatsworth House Saturday morning and that evening Bramble was doing her usual toilet duties and I noticed she kept tying to wee.. and from what I could see not much wee was coming out.

We went back inside and Bramble still kept crouching and trying to wee in the house. You could see she wasn’t very happy about this and seemed uncomfortable with the constant urge to wee. She was passing small amounts of urine in lots of little spots all over the dining room floor!

Bramble seemed ok in herself and was eating and drinking as normal but pretty much as soon as she had taken a drink, she was trying to pee it out again. She was still playing and running about in between peeing all over the floor.

(It’s a good job we have a wooden floor)

Puppy UTI

My wife Hannah said “I think it’s a UTI.” (Urinary tract infection) So I went to Google and tried to read up on symptoms and treatments to see if there was anything we could do to help. I also asked for some advice in one of the Springer Spaniel groups were are in on Facebook.

The consensus was it’s not classed as emergency and usually antibiotics are given by Vet to treat it, so not much we could do here at home.

Hannah decided to sleep downstairs with Bramble so at least she was closer to try and get her out for wee’s and there if she got worse.

I was upset for Bramble as her toilet training had been going really well and we had not had many accidents in the house. I was worried Bramble would regress as she couldn’t help but keep peeing all over the floor!

Hannah didn’t sleep much that night and in the morning Bramble hadn’t really improved or got worse but we now noticed all around her lady bits it was quite red and sore. I think it was from a combination of her licking and the pee drips that were collecting on her fur and skin.

She was not really eating now and seemed a bit more unhappy.

It was Sunday and our vet was closed, we decided to go to the emergency vet just to make sure things didn’t get worse and see if they could help.

The vet gave Bramble a quick check over and administered an anti inflammatory injection and had told us to book into our vets the next day and try and take a fresh urine sample with us.

5 minute with emergency vet – cost £210.00 ouch!

Once back home things seemed to improve quite quickly and the peeing all over the floor finally subsided. Bramble was still going to the toilet more than normal but at least now it was mostly outside again.

UTI vet visit

We booked a vets appointment for the afternoon on Monday and I was tasked with the job of trying to get a urine sample! I was not convinced this was going to to be easy. Earlier we had tired and failed but with a bit of luck, later that morning I shoved the Tupperware tub underneath Bramble and to my amazement she peed into it without too much bother and didn’t even try and eat it.

The vet confirmed it was a UTI and the redness around Bramble’s lady bits could be vaginitis – which is often caused by the UTI. We got more anti-inflammatory medicine and a course of antibiotics.

All for the bargain price of £80.00

Bramble was so good in the vet’s waiting room. She was a bit shaky to start with as when we arrived a gigantic husky was just leaving. But within a few minutes I was able to get her taking treats and even doing basic commands like sit and lie down with distractions on other dogs and cats in the room. She was also really good when we saw the vet even when having the thermometer shoved up her bum!

After a few days of taking the medication Bramble seemed back to normal and the redness also seems to have calmed down now.

Now we can get back to that lead training.

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