Yeah it’s finally arrived, the day we get to take Bramble out and about.

Bramble has had her second set of injections and we’ve waited a week and now she is ready to brave the big world.

Obviously Bramble is still a puppy so we have to limit the time she walks and exercises at the moment.

A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes exercise per month of age. (more info)

We decide a trip to Chatsworth House would be a good start for our adventures and the gardens are very dog friendly and there will be lots of people and other dogs for some socialisation.

Bramble at Chatsworth

It’s really important to expose Bramble to as many new things as we can in these early puppy weeks. We read that after 16 weeks puppies become more cautious and scared of new experiences so these next few weeks are crucial in Bramble’s Development into a healthy and happy hound.

The Chatsworth Estate is about 30 mins drive from us so we pop Bramble in her travel crate and off we go.

So far Bramble has been great in the car a little resistance at first to going in the car crate and some whining but within a few minutes Bramble is fast asleep listing to radio 2.

Chatswoof Dog Walks

When we arrive at Chatsworth we head to the garden entrance stopped along the way by Bramble wanting time meet and say hello to everyone.

“Look a puppy”

“She’s so cute”

“Awww gorgeous”

Bramble is like a celeb.

The chap on the gate tells us he has a cocker spaniel and how we have to socialise our dog early on and get to a puppy club – which we actually have booked next weekend at BWD dog training.

Once in the gardens it’s busy but not too mental, think it was a good idea to get here early. We head up to a quieter part of the garden and attempt some leash training.

Bramble is so excited sniffing and pulling in all directions.

She has this thing about crossing over your path when walking and nearly trips both me and my wife Hannah up!

We decide any type of training is not going to happen today and just let Bramble enjoy all the new sights and sounds.

We head towards the cascade at first the sound of the water confuses Bramble but moving near the steps she can access the water and has a little paddle.

(It’s very slippy in the cascade so please be very careful)

It’s rather windy today and Bramble is excited by every leaf that blows across her path, darting and diving to chase them all.

We also see ducks for the first time and a couple of male pheasants hiding in the hedge. Luckily Bramble doesn’t attempt to flush them out and we carry on with the walk.

We get a few pics in front of the house and Bramble is taking treats and obeys a few simple commands such as sit and down. Think she was tying to impress the Duke and Duchess.

Bramble at Chatsworth

In hindsight the garden visit was quite expensive for how long we are here with Bramble still being young we are conscious not to over walk her.

Two adult garden tickets  £24.00 + £4.00 car park = £28.00

The dog was free!

In all really nice to start to Bramble’s adventures and we got a few good snaps for Instagram

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