Captains Log.

Dog Date 05

I have now entered a strange world of delirium fuelled consciousness brought on by the lack of sleep and the constant needs of my four legged canine friend Bramble.

I came downstairs at about 5.30 am and Bramble was awake and waiting for me. I noticed the baby gate that we are using to keep Bramble contained was slightly ajar – whew I thought… she hasn’t escaped that was lucky!

We did our usual trot around the garden me saying “go wee wee” Bramble ignoring me. Me saying “this way” and Bramble ignoring me and pulling the other way.

While I think about it we have got Bramble a cool new harness from after a quick visit to Pets at Home yesterday.

ZeeDog Harness

You can’t help but feel like proud parents showing off your fur baby as you walk around the store.

“Oh she is so gorgeous” If only they knew this little monster.

Anyway I digress, I was trying to tread carefully as my wife Hannah had done the 3.00 am wee and poo shift and couldn’t find Bramble’s poo. “It’s near the big plant” was my only hint. I found the big plant.. and I found the poo, by standing in it – a great start to the day.

Me and Bramble head back in to the house and I settle her down and decide to get her bed from the lounge.

I see Poo.

How did poo get in the lounge?

On no.

The realisation that maybe the gate was ajar because Bramble had got out! I look back at the cat’s feeding area. All his food has gone.

Look back in the lounge, I’ve spotted more poo.

Lots of Poo.

Luckily the Christmas presents and Christmas tree all seem intact – thankful for little mercies.

Bramble’s breakfast today was Whiskas senior chicken Kibble. And mine was toast with lashing of peanut butter. I’m craving carbs and coffee at the moment.

It’s a lack of sleep thing I tell myself as I have two chocolate biscuits for second breakfast.

I thought getting a dog would get me fit and healthy but these next few weeks I fear I will be putting on the pre-Xmas pounds.

Never mind we have a Springer Spaniel and come the new year we will be walking lots and lots.

Over and out.

PS. Bramble likes playing football

bramble playing football

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