Bramble in the Peaks

Bramble’s first night

The realisation of being a puppy daddy hit me as we made our way home from the breeders house with our little fluff ball Bramble safely in her crate.

Will she cry on the way home?
Will she be frightened?
Will she be sick in my car?

Too our amazement Bramble was fantastic – she fidgeted a little, had a little wee but mostly slept and didn’t cry at all.

As soon as we got home we went into the dining room where her new crate/bed was setup and ready. We will also be feeding Bramble in this room and as it was puppy lunch time she had her first meal in her new home.

A quick play in the garden and a wee on her puppy pads it was time for her first vets appointment!

Bramble first night
Bramble in the car

Bramble was a little unsure in the vets lots of strange smells a few kitty’s in boxes and one rather large sheepdog.

She was on our lap and a little bit shaky but soon it was time to meet the vet.

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