And training a springer puppy is f***ing hard work.

Now don’t get me wrong I knew becoming a puppy dad was not going to be easy.

But these last two days have been really hard work.

As I wrote this blog, Bramble is asleep so nobody move a muscle or utter a word.


My wife Hannah has crashed on the sofa with the cat and I am currently hallucinating due to lack of sleep.

Sleeping Puppy

Now don’t get me wrong Bramble has been a little star – she is a super sweet and lovable puppy. She is also crazy clever this girl, She has mastered sit, lie down, in your bed and is the queen of fetch.

(She will happily run after her tennis ball, bring it back and even drop it all within a day)

We’ve only had a few little accidents most of the time she will go outside and have a wee when asked. However having a poo is a bit more complicated!

We had a few early successes, when I say we I mean my wife – every time she took the dog out, Bramble would have a poo no problem – cut to me stood outside for almost half an hour saying “go poo poo”

Bramble has other ideas, crashing around our garden through the flowers beds, eating leaves, sticks and what ever else she can find… namely cat poo. Where does she find all this cat poo!!

The rosemary bush is also a favourite and she will come back inside smelling lovely.

And once we’ve finally done the toilet thing the craziness starts.

Bramble loves to jump and bite, bite and jump and bite and bite.

Both teeth and claws are like little needles my hands are trashed.

But she is very cute.

cute puppy springer spaniel


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